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we are off to a little bit of a warmer start than this time yesterday but the roads are still wet out there. let's go straight over to tucker to find out about the wet weather. tuck, the rain has stopped for the most part. >> well, actually that would not be the case out to the west. >> i guess there is more coming
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my way. >> we are under a flash flood watch until 8:00 this morning but the mild temperatures are here to stay. all the rain is out to the west, out towards west virginia. all of that run has to come pinwheeling through here during the morning hours and then we will get a break. later today, we'll see some sunshine. highs about 80 or so. 72 at reagan national. 70 in fredericksburg. 72 in ocean city. 68 in one chester. our highs will be in the low 80s. early clouds and some heavy rain. pockets of heavy rain. afternoon sun developing with winds out of the south. more details in just a minute. back to you. >> taking a look at our top stories, rahm emmanuel is
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expected to leave his position perhaps as early as friday. fox news reports that is when he will announce whether he will run for mayor of chicago. montgomery county police are looking for a rapist this morning. early sunday morning, near some woods near high point drive in germantown, a woman says she was walking up frederick road when a man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. a d.c. jump has delayed the trial of a man accused of killing chandra levy. the trial was spaced to begin next week but the judge has now postponed that until october 18 saying the prosecution needs extra time to resolve an inwith a defense witness. levy disappeared in 2001. her remains were found one year later in rock creek park. president obama may have ruffled a few feathers yesterday when he fielded a question about the quality of education here in the district and he did that on national television. the president sends his dotters
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to private schools but he still had something to say about public education. beth park he has more. >> reporter: a florida woman appearing on nbc's today show hit the president with the toughest and simplest question of the day. >> i wanted to know whether or not you think that malia and sasha would get the same high- quality rigorous education at a public school as at the school they are attending. >> i'll be blunt with you right now. the answer is no right now. they have made important strides to move in the direction reform. >> reporter: over the past three years, at d.c. secondary schools, math profishnessies jumped from 27% to 43% and reading from 29 to 43%. the obama children attend sidwell friends a private school where tuition is $31,000
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this year. >> in a public school, you may have that they're studdying at home n private school setting, you may have students who are well fed, whose parents are very invested in their education. you just have a different set of circumstances. >> reporter: dcps released the following statement. we appreciate at that time president recognizes the important steps to reform that have been taken at d.c. public schools. we are proud of the growth our students have shown during the last three years of reform. and that growth and the reform will continue until d.c. has the world class public education system that the district's children deserve. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the president did say that there are some terrific individual public schools in the district and in cities all across america. former president jimmy carter was the last president to accepted his children tie public school in washington. we have much more straight ahead. we'll take a look at your wet weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5
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morning news at 4:30 begins now. it is a wet tuesday morning. thank you for joining us early. tucker is in now to tell us about this weather that we're dealing with. yesterday, we had quite a bit of heavy rain. i came in 67 miles from west into the district and ran into just a few showers. >> well, we have more on the way. yesterday, we had tornado warnings. we had some problems across some of the area. others did not have any problems. some extremely heavy rain pushing up through front royal, cull pep eric leesburg, reston, you are right on the edge of it. you get the idea there, moving from south to red. you see the dark yellows and
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reds. we have a flash flood watch in effect for locally heavy rain until 8:00. humidity, 87%. feels very tropical out there. area of low pressure will pass to our west today and our conditions will improve as we have a frontal system through here. early rain, afternoon sun. some sun by newport and more sun by late this afternoon. highs in the low 80s. so temperature-wise, we will be nice. should be a gradual improvement. >> thank you. julie wright is in with a look at traffic. i guess the we had wet roads may slow some people down a bit later this morning. >> already some problems to report as you travel in southeast washington, inbound south capital street before you commit to the douglass bridge. accident activity there tying up the two left lanes. heads up coming in leaving howard road and all of us headed inbound towards the anacostia. no problems to report right here as you make your way in
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from centreville. still an easy ride in spite of the wet pavement. in spite of the road spray. no incidents to report. no problems to report on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. 95 off to a quiet start, incident-free newington to the beltway. traveling over in greenbelt, you will find lane are open headed around towards i-95 and college park. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. new this morning, a number of cattle are dead after a fire ate livestock facility in northern virginia. it happened last night at the fauquier county livestock exchange in marshall. it is believed about 0 cows perished in the blaze. many more did survive. -- it is believed about 20 cows perished in the blaze. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. our top story, a shake-up in the obama administration. white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel is expected to step
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down and sources say it could happen sometime this week. sarah simmons is joining us live. she is live outside the white house with all the details. there was talk of this when the mayor of chicago stepped down. >> it has been talked about and even before then. sources are saying that rahm emmanuel is expected or could make an announcement about his decision sometime as early as friday possibly. there has been speculation for quite some time now that he would leave his post. but once chicago mayor richard daley announced he would the nobody running again, speculation grew even more after that. emmanuel has long expressed interest in running for mayor of chicago but wasn't going to do so since mayor richard daley was there. of course, he won't be running again. that would open up the field quite a bit for anybody that wanted to throw hair hat into the ring. a source who is close to emmanuel says he has not made a final decision yet. one of the big factors weighing
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on him right now is how this would impact his family, the campaign if he decided to run. his family is living here in washington with him at this point. now, should he leave, the president would, of course, have to choose an interim chief of staff. right now, there is talk that would likely be peter rouse, someone who is a senior advisetory to president obama and also the former chief of staff for him while he was in the senate. president obama has been asked about this and has acknowledged publicly that if rahm emmanuel does decide to run for mayor, this is something he would likely have to make a decision soon about whether he will leaving in order to make the run in 2011. other stories making headlines, investigators in montgomery county are looking for a rapist. a woman says she was attacked while walking up frederick road near high point road early sunday morning. she says a man grabbed her from
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behind, forced her into some woods and assaulted her. >> kind of scary to hear because i'm here in this area almost every day because my son is at the academy for martial arts so we come here for his class. i was really like shocked. >> police are asking people to be extra careful careful and to be alert in their surroundings, especially at night. a d.c. judge has delayed the trial of the man accused of killing chandra levy. the trial was supposed to begin next week but it was postponed to october 18th. levy disappeared in 2001. her remains were found one year later in rock creek park. a maryland toddler was apparent -- apparently shot himself after finding a gun under his brother's bed. police say the 16-year-old
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stashed a stolen handgun under that bed. police also charged his girlfriend for hiding the gun in a playground after the shooting. a virginia community is mourning after the sudden death of a star high school football player. austin trainem was found unresponsive at his home yesterday morning. he went to brentsville district high school. officials say his death does not appear to be accidental. >> he have the one person that everybody was friends with. he was funny and he could pretty much make anybody laugh and anybody feel better. it is hard, i mean effect is taking it hard. >> austin appear family said austin was a wonderful son, brother and grandson. he was very deeply loved by his family and highly respected by his teammates, friends and classmates. funeral arrangements are still being made. president obama put the spotlight on problems plaguing d.c. schools. in a nationally televised interview yesterday, the president and on the today show to discuss education reform.
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he says that school years should be longer and bad teachers should go. when asked if his daughters could get just as good an education in d.c. public schools as they get in private school, the president gave this controversial response. >> i'll be blunt with you. the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now, they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> test scores have jumped significantly since d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee took over in 2007 but still less than half of d.c. public school children are reading and doing math at their grade level. big chains before you file your taxes. don't expect to get any form uncle sam in your mailbox next year. >> get off the motorcycle. state police. >> a fox 5 follow-up. we have new details in the case of a state trooper captured on
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camera pulling his gun during a traffic stop. we are coming back after the break.  [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious or 100 calories? with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. two indulgently rich layers
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making headlines at 4:40, president obama says democrats are working to create jobs and stimulate the economy. to drive home that point, he just signed a small business jobs bill. over in the senate, they are talk bathe new jobs bill. all of this is taking place just five weeks before the all- important mid-term elections. >> there you go. >> reporter: president obama puts his signature on the small business jobs act he says will help small businesses in need of cash expand and hire new employees. >> it will cut taxes. it will make more loans available for small business. it is a great victory for america's entrepreneurs. >> reporter: the legislation creates a $30 billion government fund to expand credit access for small businesses and includes $12 billion in tax cuts. meanwhile, the septa takes up
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legislation democrat says will create u.s. jobs and discourage companies from shipping jobs overseas. >> we know we have to do everything we can to get people back to work. >> the legislation reigns in tax incentives from moving jobs outside the u.s., among other things changing current tax laws allowing companies to defer paying u.s. tax on income earned overseas until profits are brought back to the u.s. republicans say the measure will do the opposite and push more jobs out of the country. >> let's not give foreign competitors a new edge by raising taxes on companies that create new american jobs. >> the first septa vote on the measure is expected tuesday. at the same time, president obama will host the first in a series of campaign-style rallies in wisconsin. other stops before the november vote are scheduled in pennsylvania, ohio and nevada. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. changes are coming in the way you do your taxes.
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the irs will no longer be mailing out tax forms and strucks because so many people file electronically. last area, more than 96 million people filed their taxes online. the irs expects to save $10 million. placative flooding is defense participating parts of the midwest. p the waters are expected to hold steady today and begin rereading after that. in rapids, south dakota they are fighting flood waters from the big sioux river. water levels are expected to begin dropping today. several areas in minnesota are now in recovery mode. a very different story out in california where fall is off to a dangerously scorching start in los angeles. a record heat wave is baking downtown los angeles. thermometers topped 11 # degrees there. lift aring heat caused
4:43 am
widespread power outages. 0,000 homes lost electricity yesterday and several small wildfires broke out across southern california. -- thermometers topped 113 degrees there. straight ahead, the riding cost of college means families are making some tough choices. but financial advisors say there is one thing you should try it avoid when looking for ways to pay for college. we have a fox 5 follow-up this morning. auto workers busted on camera behaving badly on lunch break. we have new developments. still got some rain if the forecast -- in the forecast for your morning commute. julie wright has a look at your jonbenet. -- has a look at your on-time traffic. all of that coming up after the
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nice shot of the washington monument. it is wet out there again today. for the most part, i think the heavy rain is gone, i think, in some areas. >> you just do not want to get this one right, do you? >> we'll look at the hd radar. >> oh, man. >> we'll look at the hd radar. she says all the heavy rain is out of here. >> i didn't say that. i guess we have more coming. >> what do you think? >> i think the heavy rain is out towards fronted royal and culpeper and it will make its way toward us. >> that is nice observation. that is very heavy rain. you see the yellows and reds so that rainfall rate is more than an inch an hour.
4:47 am
>> i think i was just ahead of it. >> you were. >> we've got more off to the south and west. not rainingever where although we do have some mist and light drizzle in places where the radar is not picking up. the worst of it, out to the west, out 66 here out towards manassas, front royal, leesburg, reston. you will be getting rain pretty soon. it is pushing from the south up to the north. we've got more rain here off to the south and west. we'll take a look at that? just a second. plenty of rain for the morning commute and we'll quiet it down for the afternoon and maybe have some sunshine for the afternoon commute. rain totals, about 2/10 of an inch. bwi marshall, over an inch yesterday. it depends on where you were. parts of the area got a deluge. other areas, light to moderate rain showers. parts of the area, you will get very heavy rain. not all us will see that.
4:48 am
satellite-radar, area of low pressure is out to our west. it is spinning up these bands of rain up ahead of it. and today, we'll be dealing with the cold front. that will come spinning through here and wave got a chance for more showers, perhaps more thunderstorms during the morning commute and then we'll start to quiet it down. bigger look here and again, can you see what is going on. you can see the spin out towards even kentucky and west virginia. that is it is area of low pressure. that will push up into the great lakes and the trend will be to get it out of rain during the morning hours. by the afternoon, i think we'll see more and more sunshine and probably a partly sunny afternoon. tomorrow looks fine. we'll see another storm spin up to the south and east. that will bring us more rain. it could bring us heavy rain for parts of the area by thursday. this pattern definitely changed during the last couple of days. 70 in gaithersburg. temperatures out to the west are in the upper 60s.
4:49 am
lots of humidity out there as well. early clouds an rain. afternoon sun returns. warm temperatures, 81 degrees. we are under a flash flood watch until #:00. more rain for the day on thursday and we'll improve things around here by friday and saturday with more sunshine and actually some cool conditions. -- a flash flood watch until 8:00. all right. let's do on-time traffic with julie wright. >> me? my turn? for real. >> you go! >> on the roads, waking up to wet pavement, a little bit of road spray. plan your trip accordingly and plan on leaving a little bit earlier as well. more rain headed in our direction and right now we are headed into southeast. this is a live shot of traffic coming inbound south capital street after the douglass bridge. this is m street and headed out
4:50 am
towards the freeway. right now t doesn't look too bad after m street but getting there, that is going to be tricky. there is a crash inbound south cap before you commit to the douglass bridge. that is tying up the two left lanes. once you get around that, the pace not so bad as you continue inbound towards the freeway. no problems coming in off howard road but something you have to work around in southeast. 11th street a good alternate for you. lanes are open on 95. no problems reported as you guys continue northbound leaving newington and springfield to the beltway. southbound 270 off to an easy start out of hyattstown continuing down into clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> get off the motorcycle. state police. >> a maryland judge has dropped charges stemming from this viral video. it shows a state trooper pulling his again during a traffic stop on i-95 in harford county last mother. the motorcycle i want was later
4:51 am
arrested under the state's wiretapping video. maryland requires two-party consent to record a praift conversation a judge ruled yesterday the trooper had no expectation of privacy during that traffic stop. the motorcyclist still faces traffic charges. we have new details in a story you will see only on fox. self chrysler employ yeas are now out of work after they were caught on camera drinking during their lunch break. we showed you this video last week. works from a detroit assembly planted drugging beer and smoking what happens to be marijuana. chrysler announced that 13 of the 15 people identified in that video have now been fired. the two other employees were laid off without pay for one month. the cost of going to college is soaring even at a time when many families are struggling financially. the most expensive universities are topping out at more than $200,000 for a four-year degree and footing the bill could mean hard choices. and it means a lot of paperwork.
4:52 am
shawn yancy reports. >> reporter: senting a child off to college often takes more than just good grades and a big check. more than of, it can mean compromising on school choice or dealing with a mountain. debt or both. >> one of the private institutions that i was totally set with high heart to get into, the due i go was so high and i knew that all of these federal pell grants and stuff wouldn't be enough to cover for what i need for the school. >> the costs are rising at an alarming rate. >> overall, tuition increases are going up between 4.4 and 6.5% per year. >> reporter: that steep increase is placing a large bird on students and their families. oftentimes, costs are enough to easily change their ambitions. grants and scholarships cover just 23% of tuition. that means more and more of those costs are out of pocket. >> in the past two years, there has been a consolidation in the market. the amount of government
4:53 am
funding for private lenders has all but gone away. so now, kids are in a crunch that they can't turn to the government or they need to look beyond the government sources. the alternatives aren't too pretty. >> tight funding has made griffin boyle's college station anything but easy. he had his heart set on attending penn state when he weighed the $37,000 it would cost against what it would cost to stay hem and attend george mason university, the decision was a clear one. >> i think in terms of my parents' stand points, they saw the extreme benefits of how much this year was going to cost compared to a year at another university. >> reporter: college advisors say being open to compromise is good practice but financial advisors warn that parents should be wary about compromising their retirement accounts to pay today's bills. >> i discourage it.
4:54 am
that is the last place you want to look towards for college funding. obviously, there are many years ahead to pay down debt if need be. but to make back your capital, once it is expended on college, much more difficult and you lose that time. >> reporter: borrowing has become a prime pram and costly vehicle to a college degree. cohen says it is important to take that into consideration and be open to making adjustments. >> families are being more open about what they can and and can't afford. so parents are having very frank conversations with their children about college while they're in high school, before they apply to college so the student knows, okay, here is what my family can really afford. >> shawn yancy, fox 5 news. student loan debt surpassed total credit card debt in the united states for the first time this summer totaling $850 billion. can you learn more about financial aid on just look under web links.
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you will find tips on filling out aid appear indications, scholarships an loans plus a calculator to determine how much college is going to cost when your child is ready. some new changes baer to go into effect on some area roads. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, a new cell phone law for drivers. but some say it is just a waste of time. we'll explain. are i'll general cinemas visitors paying visits to our nuclear missile sites? i'm tom fitzgerald. you may want to withhold judgment until you hare from a group of retired air force personnel. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. are alien outer space visiting u.s. missile sites? it is no laughing matter to a group of former air force veterans. tom fitzgerald reports the veterans say they have evidence to prove it. >> reporter: at first glance, they could be any group of
4:58 am
retired military veterans. >> i was a missile launch officer. >> communication electronics officer. >> the combat missile targeting team commander. >> reporter: but besides their service in the air force, these men share something else. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. >> reporter: stories, stories that sound out of this world. >> they fully illuminated round object was hovering silently over the missile silo and shining a light down onto it. >> then from this dead stop, it shoots off to the east like now you see it, now you don't. >> reporter: flying saucers, aliens, visitors. whatever they are called, these seven nuclear missile veterans came to have seen unos over 1960 nuclear missile sites that they say briefly shut the missiles down. >> this planet is being visited
4:59 am
by beings from another world. >> reporter: the group produced old air force documents recounting reports of flying discs, flying saucers and balls of fire, the same type robert sa las says he saw in montana in 1967. >> i red object hovering just above our front great. >> reporter: while interest in this is nothing new, critics say government fts to look into reported alien sightings are railroad old and have never found concrete proof. >> reporter: wronger budger saws he has questioned ufo conspiracy theorists for years and has come away a nonbeliever. >> i always probe pretty hard what kind of evidence do you have to support this? i have yet to see any. >> reporter: but these veterans insist they have actually seen the proof with their own eyes. but they
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